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Interesting Bole injection Moulding Machine knowledge training


On August 17, 2023, all new staffs of BOLE received a product knowledge training led by an experienced salesperson Mr. Ben.

The training was conducted through a practical simulation where two colleagues role-played a customer and an explainer. During the presentation, new staffs will encounter a variety of customer questions, which is a great test.

After the activity, experienced veterans reviewed the new staffs' performance and provided them with feedback. Our new staff also have grown tremendously with this form of training!

The BOLE team radiates enthusiasm and vitality while possessing both a professional and detailed training system for new staff and passionate, experienced trainers.

This culture of supporting one another keeps our BOLE team passionate and enables us to provide our customers with the most compassionate and high-quality service.

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Interesting Bole injection Moulding Machine knowledge training


On August 17, 2023, all new staffsof BOLEreceived a product knowledge ...


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