BOLE Machinery

BOLE Machinery

BOLE is a high-tech enterprises that focus on the research, development and manufacture of precision machinery equipment.

BOLE keeps competing with
other brands

As a latecomer in China’s injection moulding machine market,
BOLE keeps competing with other brands, and gain the trust from customers with high-performance
and high-stability product as well as customized service.

So far, BOLE injection moulding machines have been sold to more than 70 countries.
Especially in 2015-2018, the developed countries in America
and Europe have grown into the main markets of BOLE.


BOLE proposes a comprehensive strategic partnership with
the well-known household appliances enterprises including GREE, TCL, AUX, etc.

Meanwhile, BOLE plays an important role in Auto industry and builds a strategic cooperation with famous auto-part suppliers including Ningbo HuaXiang Group, Germany Adler Pelzer Group, etc.

So far BOLE has entered the supporting systems of Auto-part manufacturers and suppliers including Beijing Benz, Shenyang Huachen BMW, China FAW Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Geely Automobile, etc.

In the future

BOLE will take intelligence, efficiency, precision and energy
saving as the direction of innovation and development

And concentrate on improving the core competitiveness of customers. Besides, BOLE will also
continue to advance the path integrated by Hi-Tech industry development, professional
production and perfect sales, and establish a sustainable modern high-tech brand.