BOLE Machinery

Software & Hardware

BOLE Research and Development Center

BOLE undertook the national 863 scientific research
project and built the provincialengineering (technology)
center in 2004.

This technical center develops graduallyinto BOLE1s injection moulding institution. German
top technical expert Mr. Karl leads nearly I 00 rich experienced design experts and
engineers,works as 6 different teams, keeps research and development of new products
and technology,anddesign all kinds of machines tomeet different requirements from

Equipment center

Processing Equipment is the important part and the basic
of productivity, it’s the main tool when we doing <
Production and management, it's also the fortune forture
our living and development.

In order to ensure compliance with relevant technical requirements, and provide
customers with high quality products, we introduces Japanese, European high-precision
processing equipment, such as: original Japanese Mazak, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and other
processing equipment to ensure product consistent, and high standards, of components
configured to enhance the overall performance and quality, our company is one of top
companies of the importers and exporters of injection molding machine in China.

Quality Control

In order to ensure performance and stability of the product can surpass the
level of Chinese plastic machinery comprehensively

BOLE Machinery introduced the European management experience, promoted the quality management method
of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), through the development and review the failure modes and effect
analysis (DFMEA) which is designed to control the source of the quality, and pursued the quality's process failure
mode and effect analysis (PFEM EA) during production, the quality standards to meet the European standard

Ensuring that product quality is stable and reliable, as a strong support, is provided for the research and development
of new projects.