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Bole summer fun wild trip


All staff members of Bole Foreign Trade Department came to the beautiful island city - Xiangshan on August 12, 2023, and gathered together for a fun and wild trip in this summer;

In the hot summer, we came to this beautiful seaside city, played exciting water surfing and rafting together in the mountains, felt the cool summer, tasted delicious seafood dinner together in the local restaurant, felt the gift of the sea, went to the seaside to gather seafood, felt the beauty of the mountains and the sea, played intense grass games together on the vibrant lawn, and everyone was excited. Release the vitality of youth;

In this activity, we saw the closer side of each other in life, there is the warmth between families, the affection between brothers and sisters, the deep friendship between friends, and the tacit understanding inseparable from time;

During the busy work period, go for such an unforgettable fun and wild trip, let our Bole family members more love each other, more energetic for the future work , tacit work improved greatly, who does not want to experience such a happy, passionate, positive team trip.

Go it while you're young, love our love, all the way up!

Bole summer fun wild trip


All staff members of Bole Foreign Trade Department came to the beautif...


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