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BOLE’S Sales PK initiate ceremony


In order to enhance the morale of the entire team, guide the company's positive team atmosphere and improve the vigorous spirit of the team, and create a healthy competition for common progress. the PK competition be started from June 10, 2022.

PK is divided into two types, personal new customer development and PK challenge of order acceptance rate to colleagues.

The results of each evaluation will not only obtain additional monetary rewards, but also serve as a reference standard for personnel promotion and the selection of outstanding individuals and teams of the year.

Winning or losing the PK competition is not the goal, it motivates the sales staff to constantly surpass and strive to be the pioneers. The team award setting is to reflect the importance of teamwork. Only by uniting the strength of the team can we go further.

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BOLE’S Sales PK initiate ceremony


In order to enhance the morale of the entire team, guide the company's...


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