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The first BOLE badminton friendly match ended successfully


In order to promote cultural construction from multiple perspectives, enrich the cultural life of employees, cultivate the good qualities of employees who are tenacious and courageous, enhance their physical fitness, improve internal cohesion, and make an annual summary of the weekly badminton activities in the past year. At present, the first Bole Cup Badminton Friendly Tournament kicked off in Gaohetang Community Badminton Hall

This competition is in doubles mode, divided into men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. On the field, the contestants flexibly used various techniques such as smashing, putting small balls, and following up at the net to show their skills. Incisively and vividly. The atmosphere at the scene was tense and warm, with cheers and cheers one after another. As the score between the two sides was getting tighter and tighter, the whole game was full of climaxes and splendor. In the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", all the players fully demonstrated the vigorous strength of hard work and courage, showed a good team spirit and collective sense of honor, and showed the style and level of the competition. It shows the mental outlook of athletes who are tenacious and hard-working.

Among them, the men's doubles is particularly intense. In the final, the two sides set up their battles, like soldiers who meet on a narrow road on the battlefield. After the start of the game, the two sides staggered and took the lead, not giving way to each other. The bang resounded through the arena; the offensive was "as fast as the wind, the aggression was like fire", and the defense was "unmoved as a mountain"; the two sides came and went, and finally a powerful smash decided the man of the game. Double champion, the two sides had friendly exchanges after the game, and took a group photo together. The audience also applauded, not only happy for the birth of the champion, but also for the wonderful game.

The women's doubles was equally as exciting. The participating players stood on the field with rackets in hand, standing with swords like the female heroes in the martial arts TV series, and like women with "fair and heroic five-foot guns". Not to mention the course of the game, the seemingly weak shot hits the opponent's weakness directly. Although the smash is not as powerful as a man's, it has an indomitable momentum. Presumably the champion also has the pride of "a woman from ancient times is willing to accept it, why is the general a husband". .

There is a big gap in strength between the two sides in the mixed doubles final, but never underestimate the heart of a champion. Although there is no suspense in the result of the competition, "Those who have the will, things will happen", I believe that after the baptism of this battle, the strength of the runner-up will have a qualitative leap.

After fierce competition, three groups of champions were decided. So far, the competition ended successfully. This competition strongly inspired the spirit of badminton players to be aggressive, hardworking, and striving for excellence, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. The contestants expressed that they will devote themselves to the work with a fuller mental state in the future work, with a high fighting spirit of daring to work hard.

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