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The good partner of medical product---bole fe series injection molding machine


In recent years, with the development of modern medical technology, plastics have been widely used in the hospital field. like needle covers, centrifuge cups, nucleic acid detection sample plates and other plastic products all have a high requirements for hygiene and safety, smooth surface, corrosion resistance and so on. this means that the equipment for the production of medical products has higher quality than general equipment.

like injection molding machine for plastic mdeical product, here are some main requirements.

1. small size screw to ensure the precision of injection

2. equipped with robot and a series of automated equipment to improve production efficiency and achieve fully automatic production to minimize pollution.

in recent years, bole fe series machines has achieved great success in medical plastic products field.

here are some advantages of bole fe series machins

l patented closed ball screw structure---block dust pollution, simple maintenance, no need hydraulic oil for machine

l pull out tie-bar---no need lubrication, keep mold area clean

l linear guide in clamping unit---no need lubrication, keep product drpp area clean

l platen nickel plating---eliminate the risk of dust and oil adhesion, ensure the platen is clean and dust-free, and meets medical enviromental standards

l food grade grease lubrication---no need to use imported grease, use food grade grease for lubrication, safer and more hygienic

l stainless steel working cabin---use stainless steel sheet metal in mold closeopen unit, ensuring the isolation of pollution risks during production

l water-clooled type motor---improve cooling efficiency and reduce air pollution caused by traditional air cooling

l hanging body design---easy to clean and avoid ground pollution

bole fe series machine---your best choice in plastic mdeical product field.

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