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BOLE has won multiple industry awards


The 20th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Zhejiang Plastic Machinery Industry Association was successfully held in Hangzhou on January 5th 2024.

At the same time, the Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association's election ceremony was also held at this conference. After careful selection, BOLE was successfully selected as the Vice President Unit of the Zhejiang Plastic Industry Association. This title represents the industry's recognition of BOLE's comprehensive strength.

In addition, BOLE has also been awarded the top ten comprehensive strength enterprises in Ningbo plastic machinery manufacturing industry in 2023, which also marks a high recognition of BOLE's technical strength, product quality, and service level in the industry. The chairman of BOLE- Mr Kui awarded the Advanced Figure Award and Leading Figure in the Twenty Year Tracing of Ningbo Plastic Association.

The plastic machine industry has been developing under the trend of reform and development, and Ningbo has become the "Capital of China's Plastic Machines". BOLE will work together with the Zhejiang Plastic Machine Association to promote the development of China's plastic machine industry.

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