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Bole Machinery Witnessed China-Algeria Friendship


The friendship between China and Algeria has a long history and the import and export trade between these two countries is also very frequent. As one of the largest injection moulding machine manufacturers and exporters in China,BOLE Injection Molding Machine has been active in the Algerian market for more than 10 years.
During this period, Bole has kept close the cooperation with old agent and old friend Mr. Chouchou. Since signing the agency agreement in 2011 for more than 10 years, Mr. Chouchou has not only purchased Bole successive EK series for his own factory, but also vigorously promoted Bole brand in the market. Despite his advanced age, the two sides still visit each other like family members.
As an old Chinese saying goes, it is easy to get the horse that can run a thousand miles, but not easy to get the person named BOLE who is good at finding the best horse. Mr. Chouchou is the person named Bole whom Bole Machinery met and cooperated with in the early development to expand new market, and helps Bole Injection Molding Machine become the thousand-mile horse in Algerian manufacturing industry.
Algerian story is just a microcosm of Bole's overseas presence. With service response and technological innovation, Bole's old friends are all over the world.

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